Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chapter 11

A few days later, Daniel was going through another couple of tests. At least these ones didn't involve any needles.

Sarah and Richie still didn't understand why the doctor wanted a hearing test. Daniel heard them fine whenever he actually wanted to be listening. Other times he just didn't seem interested in whatever someone would say.

Of course Dr. Smillie didn't agree with their theory.

At least, they could stay with Daniel. They watched him through a window from another room. Standing together, Richie had wrapped his arms around Sarah to hold her and offer her comfort.

"I really think he's fine." He said honestly. Daniel always listened to music, if he couldn't hear, he wouldn't be listening to the music.
"I know." Sarah agreed. "This way, we're sure."
"True." He held his wife a little closer and kissed her cheeck.

Sarah watched her son intently, not sure of what the doctor in there was deciding on. Was the test going well or was it going all wrong? Did Daniel realize what was happening or was he scared and wondering where his mommy and daddy were?

"He's alright." Richie said, he could see Sarah's reflection in the glass. She looked too worried.
"I know." She said again. "I was wondering about something silly."
Richie frowned. "What could be silly?"
Gently, Sarah shook her head. "I was thinking about how his grandma's have been staying with him on Friday night but he'll never get to know his granddads."

As the memory of his dad popped into his mind, he helf his wife a little closer, wanting that little bit of support now too. He missed his dad every day and he knew Sarah missed her own dad too.

"He will." Richie assured her. "He'll love them too."
"How?" Sarah asked confused, how could say that?
A small sigh excaped him. "We'll tell him about his granddad's, everyone will and that way, his imaginition will make it even better than reality."
She leaned her head back on his shoulder and looked up at him with a small smile. "That sounds nice."
"Yeah, it does." He agreed.
"Next time we're home. Do you have any pictures of your mom and dad together or with you? We should add that to his room too. He should know them in some way."
"I like that idea. I'll ask mom for some photos if I can't find any."
Sarah nodded gently. "He's got pictures of everyone, they should be there too. I want him to know their faces and who they were."
A small smile spread on his face, full of agreement. He loved how Sarah had thought of it and she was exactly right.

They continued to watch Daniel and after a while the doctor finally got up and came to open the door to the room they were waiting and watching in.

"How'd it go?" Richie asked immediately.
"I need to go over most of the results some more but it went quite well." The doctor answered.
"So he's not deaf?"
The doctor shook his head. "I doubt it, he's just very distracted and disinterested about it."
Richie could only agree with that, his boy loved music. He knew that much. "Thought so."
Sarah was glad to know too. "Can we take him back to his room?"
"You can, I'll run the definite results by Dr. Smillie and we'll come discuss them with you." The doctor explained before stepping away from the open door to let Sarah and Richie through.

Sarah picked up her son and hugged him close. Glad he was alright after all.

By the time they got back to his room, Daniel was asleep in her arms. His head gently rested on her shoulder. Instead of putting him down in bed, Sarah sat down in one of the chairs and held him close for the remainder of his nap.

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  1. So glad Daniel is fine. It makes sense. He's not interested in talking he doesn't understand it yet. But music has a meaning to him. Like his Dad.