Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chapter 19

"Where's my beautiful wife?" Richie asked as he walked back into the house the next morning after driving everyone to school.
"Kitchen." Sarah answered him.

Richie put away his stuff and walked to the kitchen, finding Daniel sitting in his high chair and Sarah sitting next to him at the table.

"Still having breakfast?" He asked confused.
Sarah looked up at him. "No, I got the mail."
"Is that good or bad?"

As he asked to the question, he walked to the fridge to get himself a drink. The mornings were getting hotter, summer was approaching.

"I'm not sure. There's a letter here for Caleb, from a university."
"That could be good." Richie said, pulling out a chair next to her.
"Or not."
"Why not?" Richie asked.
"It's from the University of Lethbridge."
Richie frowned. "Lethbridge? Where's that?"
"It's where my cousin lives, remember the ranch last summer?"
"In Canada? Why did he apply there?"
Sarah shrugged, looking at the unopened envelop. "I don't want him to go that far."
Richie looked at the envelop. "You didn't open it?"
"I can't open his letters."
"Maybe he didn't get in?" Richie tried.
"Maybe." Sarah shrugged, putting the letter down and getting up from her chair.

She picked up Daniel and waited for Richie to follow her to the living room where she sat Daniel on the floor and gave him his blocks again. The boy loved building.

"What are we doing today?" Sarah asked, sitting down again.
"Be together?" Richie suggested as he sat down next to his wife and pulled her close to hug. He gently placed his hand on her belly. "How's that going?"
"Still late." Sarah sighed.
"That's good."
"You better have made a girl this time."
Richie chuckled. "Yeah, yeah, I know, a girl. I didn't know we were trying, otherwise I really could have tried my best for that."
"Yeah, right, how?" Sarah chuckled.
"My super sperm can do anything."
"Super sperm?" She chuckled again.
Richie pulled her closer. "We got Daniel and with our age that was supposed to be hard."
"Took 6 months." Sarah pointed out to remind him that it hadn't been successful from the first try either.
"Yeah but it worked out perfect and now you might be pregnant again so, Super Sperm."
Sarah reached up to kiss him. "Whatever you say dear."

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