Friday, April 4, 2014

Chapter 13

Thursday afternoon Richie had left the hospital, to trade it for the crowded airport. A very different kind of busy than the hospital was.

But Sarah wasn't left alone with Daniel either, her friend Taylor had come to visit them.

Sarah hadn't seen her friend in a while and it was great to see her again. They talked as Daniel slept in his crib. It was incredibly nice to have somebody to talk to and not only worry and focus on Daniel. For a while, she felt completely relaxed, without any worried. Just like a Friday night would be with Richie but that wasn't until tomorrow and so far they hadn't any plans for that yet.

Other than the comfort and support of a friend, Taylor was also to tell her more about whooping cough and how Daniel would progress. Which was very interesting to Sarah who wanted to be a doctor when she was still in college but never achieved that.

That didn't hold her back from learning and she told Taylor about her studying at home about child care. Her first exam had gone great and she was already studying hard for the next exam in August. She wanted to succeed in this, even if she wasn't going to get a job afterwards. Knowing about childcare, could only turn out positve for her youngest son and hopefully at least one more child.

Taylor hung about, staying longer to be able to see her idol. She always tried to keep her cool but it wasn't as if they had become friends over the time. She'd been invited to the house once in a while but wasn't that close to Richie either. A thing she didn't mind because she still had gotten the opportunity to talk to him at several occasions.

After being gone for almost two hours, Richie walked back into the hospital room, David was right behind him. Instead of saying hello to his wife first, as he usually did, he went to check on Daniel first. They had both been doing that, Daniel was their priority at this point. He was improving and getting better but they were still worried about him.

Daniel looked peacefully asleep, so he walked over to Sarah and reached in to kiss her deeply. It had been a stressful time, things were going better and he was determined to make sure the romance didn't leave their relationship. He needed it. As Sarah kissed him back, he knew she needed the same thing. Luckily it was almost Friday.

When he pulled away from Sarah, he noticed Taylor staring at him. He figured it was something she did.

"Hi." He said, then looked over at David who was also checking on Daniel. "You know David?" He asked the young girl.
Taylor nodded. "Yeah."
"That simplifiec things. He's Daniel's godfather, coming to visit."
A little starstruck as usual, Taylor nodded again.

"Richie!" Nurse Megane rushed into the room, quite nervous.
"What's wrong?" He asked confused.
She frowned. "What? Nothing." She sounded almost as confused.
Sarah started chuckling as both Taylor and David were just as confused as Richie was.
Richie paused, trying to think. "Then why did you come over here."
"I just saw you with David here so I had to come and ask you. I know I shouldn't be asking you at all but is there a fight between you and the rest of the band. Did Jon fire you? Did you walk away from the band? Is it the end of Bon Jovi."

Richie just stared at her. Was she serious? She came over to ask him such a stupid thing? He had bigger worried than what tabloids were spreading around. He could care even less about that than he already did right now. Unbelievable.

"The only reason I'm not touring, is because of Daniel being in the hospital. You're a nurse here, I would think you were able to figure that part out." He didn't care if he sounded angry when he said it, he was getting angry. He didn't need a nurse meddling with his private and work life.

Nurse Megane nodded, not minding Richie's answer but visibly relieved about what he had said. The band she loved wasn't breaking up.

Going back to her job as a nurse, she went to check on Daniel before leaving and being followed by Taylor.

Richie went to sit down next to his wife. "Good to know you weren't here all alone."
"Taylor kept me company, she was worried about your place in the band too."
"I've got more important things to worry about than what's going on in the tabloids."
"I know honey." Sarah reached over to hug him. "They're fans, they're worried about what's going to happen to the band they love so much."
"I know but I don't want to deal with that."
"I know." Sarah agreed again.

"So does anybody want to explain to me about what happened to my wonderful godson here?" David had gotten himself one of the comfy chairs next to Daniel's bed and watched the small boy. "He looks a lot like you already."
Richie smiled. "He does. The first few months he didn't, with the blond hair and blue eyes."
"He could have been mine."
"Ill weeds grow apace." Richie countered, then smiled. "He's the perfect little boy. Hardly ever cries, except when people hold him. He already sleeps throughout the night too and any music that I play will calm him down immediately."
"Music you play?" David questioned. "That's weird, you should let him listen to my albums. You'll see an immediate chance, he'd be much happier."
Richie laughed out loud. "Yeah right, he loves guitar. He really does." He insisted. "I'll show you when he's awake."

Taking David's question seriously, they started talking about how Daniel had gotten sick and how his cold had gotten worse and developed whooping cough but they didn't leave out how much progress Daniel was making and that he hopefully could go home next week.

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