Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chapter 17

"He's doing it! He's doing it!" Richie said excited, scaring away the cat that was sleeping on the couch and waking up the dog.

Sarah rushed into the room, only a short distance from the dining room where she had been studying.

"What?" She asked, worried about what was going on.
"Daniel's sitting." Richie looked up at her with the proudest smile.

Sarah smiled back and walked around the couch to see Daniel sitting on his own on the couch. He was looking up at her, a little excitement and confusement in his eyes. Immediately she became as proud as Richie was.

A week after being discharged from the hospital and a lot of practice, their little boy finally got a hang of sitting on his own.

"Well done." Sarah reached for her son and picked him up to cuddle as she sat down where he had been sitting.

Richie got up from the floor and joined his wife on the couch, seeing how happy Daniel looked right now.

"How's studying going?"
"Good. I think I might finish this course earlier than expected." Sarah said confidently.
"That's great. Keep up the good work, I know you can do this."
She smiled up at her husband and reached in to kiss his cheek. "Thank you."

As she pulled back, she looked down at Daniel in her lap. Her little boy was growing up. If he could sit, crawling wouldn't be far away, she didn't need to have studied for that.

"I have to tell you something." She looked up at Richie, worried that he might not be happy about it after all.
"What?" He asked.
Sarah hesitated for a few seconds but then decided to just say it and have it over with, it wasn't anything bad after all. "I haven't had my period since before we went to Hawaii."
"You're late?" Richie asked to be sure he had heard it right.
"About a month now."
Richie nodded, thinking it over. "So you might be pregnant?"
"I guess." Sarah shrugged. "It's very early, so maybe I am just late. Stress can cause that and Daniel in the hospital was definitely stressful."
Richie nodded again, he knew that was true so maybe he shouldn't get his hopes up just yet. "But if you are pregnant, that's great."
Sarah smiled at him. "I'm glad your happy."
"Of course I'm happy. Daniel needs a brother or sister."
"Yeah." Sarah moved over to lean into her husband's side. "I was worried you wouldn't be happy about it."
He frowned, how could she think that? They both wanted to try for more children as long as they could. "Why?"
"Because Daniel is only 6 months old, the world tour and all that."
"I'm very happy." Richie clarified, "but like you said, it's very early."

Later that day, Richie recorded a short video of Daniel sitting. He had to inform everyone of the fact that his son was finally able to sit all on his own. Besides, his mother had gone home and Grandma Joan also needed to know that her youngest grandchild could sit.

Only a few minutes after he had sent the video, David was the first to answer.

Do I need to get him a "congratulations on learning to sit" present?

Richie laughed at that and immediately told him that Daniel would need presents for each mile stone he achieved.

He was proud of his son and wanted everyone to feel exactly the same. Daniel had had a very rough month and for him to end a month like that with such a big achievement made him a very happy father.

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