Friday, April 4, 2014

Chapter 12

Stretching and opening his eyes, he saw his mommy and daddy sitting in the corner of the room on the pull-out couch. Daddy was sitting against the wall with mommy between his legs in front of him. He had his arms around her as she was stroking his thigh and reading a big book. Mommy and daddy were always close together. He didn't like being close to people except mommy and daddy.

Daddy looked up at him and smiled. He didn't know yet why people always did that.

"Look who's up." Daddy said and mommy looked too, also smiling.
"Maybe he'll want dinner soon, at least he's not throwing up after a coughing fit anymore."

A knock on the door couldn't distract Daniel but for mommy and daddy it did.

Daniel waited for two men in white lab coats to come over to him instead of searching for the sound of the knock. They were both smiling too but he didn't like these men and wanted them to go away.

Luckily, they turned around to mommy and daddy and started talking.

All the smiles became even brighter and made Daniel even more uncomfortable. All those smiles and those two men that gave him a bad feeling, was too much.

When one of the doctors came back to his bedside, he started to cry.

It didn't work as it was supposed to. When he cried, someone should give him to mommy or daddy but the doctor didn't and continued checking on him, even when he cried louder which sent him into a coughing fit.

After coughing so much, he was too exhausted to continue but finally the doctor stepped away from his bed. Hopefully he would leave again but Daniel didn't turn around to make sure he did.

Daddy got up and turned on the little black thingy from his jeans pocket that would play music and put it down next to him. Sometimes daddy would talk to the black thing, which was all wrong, it played music.

He listened to the relaxing tune as daddy went to sit with mommy again.

But daddy continued watching him, even though the music was nice to listen to, daddy's staring made him uncomfortable. Breaking his view of his parents, he watched his sheep next to him.
Sheep was always there.

He heard mommy and daddy talking but couldn't make out what they were talking about over the music. Instead of trying, he listened to the music again. He could hear daddy's voice, daddy making music. He already knew the songs by heart. It was always daddy singing, he didn't like when other people would sing. Just daddy.

When he felt hands around his body, he looked up to see mommy smiling at him. He reached his arms out to touch mommy's face as he was being picked out but couldn't figure put what that smiling thing was about.

He felt mommy's hand stroking over his head in return.

As mommy sat down on the couch, daddy's face came in to vision too.

"Lunch time buddy, lucky you."
"You can get lunch too." Mommy said as she started pulling up her shirt.
"Not what I meant, but I think I will."
Mommy looked away and smiled at daddy. "It's almost Friday."
Then daddy reached in and kissed mommy.

Impatient, Daniel could smell his lunch and pushed at mommy. He was hungry but he couldn't reach it to eat.

"He's hungry." Mommy said as she pulled away from daddy.

Finally she moved him closer so he could eat. As he drank, he didn't care about the rest anymore, mommy was close and lunch was great. What more did he need?

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  1. Just found this and trying to catch up. But I can't shake this uneasy feeling that Daniel is not OK. He is beginning to sound like a text book case of Autistic Spectrum disorder. I hope I'm wrong....