Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chapter 16

Sarah walked into the living room to find her mother and mother in law having coffee together.

Joan looked up at who walked in, and asked right away, "Is Richie staying with Daniel today?"
"No, I'm not." Richie piped up from behind Sarah, carefully moving past her, carrying Daniel in his arms.

Both Joan and Abbey's faces lighted up with happiness.

Richie sat down on the couch, Sarah followed his motions and sat down next to him.

"Discharged this morning." Richie said happily. "Still on meds but well enough to finally go home."

Both grandmothers huddled around their grandchild immediately, making sure he really was okay now.

"He looks so much better." Joan said, watching Daniel look at them all.

Sarah and Richie smiled, it almost felt like the first time they brought him home. Then too, everyone had rushed over to make sure Daniel was alright and comfortable.

Now, he laid on Richie's chest. One of his favorite places to be, he was very happy to be so close to his daddy again. Richie felt the same way, even though Daniel couldn't say it, he just knew Daniel like this too. So close together, he could protect Daniel whenever he needed it and this was very comfortable for the both of them.

Sarah watched her husband, she could see how happy her husband was to have his son back. She felt the same but in a while she'd make sure she could hold her baby son for a while too.

At the hospital it had been difficult to cuddle him so close with the IV and all the coughing spells, now they felt like they did a few weeks ago, a new family again.

It was only morning so Daniel had a few more hours to spend with his parents before his siblings got home and the excitement would start all over again.

Sarah moved close to her husband, resting her head on his shoulder, looking down at her precious son. So very glad he had pulled through.

As she realized that, another thought crossed her mind. Daniel was healthy again, Richie had stayed home from touring to stay with his sick son but now that Daniel was healed, would he leave on tour again?

He had only been gone for a month but giving up your husband for a month and only see him a few times during that month, isn't as easy as people would think. Sarah needed her husband, she knew that wasn't a selfish thought, every married person needed their spouse and so did she.

She never wanted to let him go, home was where he needed to be, with his wife and children but his job took him places. Just like many other jobs would but that didn't change the fact that she would miss him. Not only Sarah would miss him, there were four children that would miss their father just as much.

Gently, she turned her head to look up at her husband's handsome face. For the first time in weeks, she could see the stress and worry had finally faded from his features.

Finally, she decided to just ask him. The easiest way to find out instead of worrying about what his decision would be during the next week until he had made up his mind on his own.

"Will you be going back on tour now?" She asked carefully, not entirely sure if she even wanted an answer to it just yet.
Richie turned and smiled down at her. "I don't know." He confessed.

He had a difficult choice ahead of him. Leave his son alone again or go back on tour. He knew he wasn't leaving Daniel alone exactly but if he went back on tour, he'd have to leave Daniel behind. He wasn't sure if he was ready for that just yet. Having seen his little boy so sick, he didn't ever want to leave him alone again. Who knew what could happen to him.

Of course he'd be just fine with Sarah but it was still different than actually staying home wit him. A choice that right now was too hard for him.

Instead, he looked down at that precious boy they had created and watched how he dozed off to sleep. Here, with Sarah and Daniel so close to him, he was perfectly happy.

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