Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chapter 10

"I'm glad your mom offered to stay the night with Daniel." Richie said happily and relieved as he walked out of the hospital with Sarah. It was always hard to leave their son behind but they had started to like the idea of having Friday not to themselves and with their other children.

The entire week they had alternated staying with Daniel at night. The worryful night they spend with Daniel at the hospital was relieved by a peaceful evening at home with three teenagers, which in fact wasn't so peaceful either.

Each day Daniel was improving which was great to see. Two more weeks and he'd be allowed to go home, the couch itself wouldn't be entire gone but it wouldn't be as dangerous anymore.

"Do you have anything special planned tonight too?" Sarah asked her husband as they got into the car after saying goodbye to Daniel.
"Of course I do. We haven't had a night together in a week."
"True." Sarah agreed. "Another relaxing night with wonderful sex?"
Richie grinned. "Maybe."
Sarah smiled lovingly at him. "Sounds really good."
"I'm glad your mom offered to stay the night with Daniel. We really needed another night to ourselves."

Sarah could only agree as they got in the car to drive home.

On the way, they picked up a late dinner for everyone to share while they watched another movie. It was one of the ways they loved spending time together. The theater room was perfect for a Friday night movie.

They arrived home with the pizza, finding the house pretty quiet.

"So quiet." Sarah remarked.
Richie agreed, "That can't be any good."
"Of course it can be." Sarah continued to the kitchen to put the pizza down and look for some plates in the cupboards.
Richie followed her. "What if they're all out?" He asked, already thinking of all the possibilities that would give him.
Sarah looked over her shoulder and smiled. "Then we have the whole night to ourselves."
He definitely liked the idea of that.

Moving over to his wife, he took the plates from her and put them down, then reached back for her. He wrapped his arms around her tightly and held her for a few seconds before bending down and kissing her tenderly.

"I missed you." He said gently as he pulled away from their kiss.

As he reached back in to kiss again, his phone started ringing from his jeans pocket.

Sarah pulled away as Richie took out his phone to answer, he checked the caller ID "David" then answered the call. Interested, Sarah kept an eye on him as she went to arrange the living room instead of the theater. There still wasn't any sign of children, the living room would be more intimate with the two of them instead of the theater with large chairs and armrest keeping them from each other.

Once everything was settled on the coffee table and she had put on a romantic movie to watch, she sat down on the couch to wait for her husband to finish his call.

Only a few minutes later Richie walked into the room and sat down close next to her. "David wants to visit next week Thursday."
"Friday's the concert in Los Angeles so he'd like to see Daniel the day before to check up on him. Isn't that nice?"
"Very nice." Sarah agreed. "He'll let us know when exactly?"
"He'll phone back then." He looked at the TV and coffee table. "Ready for movie night?" Putting his arm around Sarah's shoulder, he pulled her closer as the movie started.

The evening was exactly what they wanted, privacy, the two of them cuddled together and relaxing.

When the front door opened and two teenagers walked into the house followed by a good amount of noise, it was the furthest from what they had expected to happen. They paused the movie to see Ava and Caleb get home.

"Where's Noah?" Was the first thing Sarah wanted to know.
Caleb shrugged. "In his room, I suppose. He didn't want to come."
"Come? Where did you go and why didn't you tell us?"
"We just went for dinner." Caleb defended.
Richie frowned. "And left Noah here? Without having dinner?"
"He didn't want to go." Caleb repeated.

After having found Noah up in his room, Sarah and Richie had given him the rest of their pizza before retreating to their own bedroom for some real privacy.

"I can't believe they... ditched him like that. I guess that what it would be, ditching." Sarah sighed as she followed Richie's lead and started to undress.
"I know but he's fine and has food. He's old enough to cook anyway. Don't think too much of it."
"I guess." Sarah agreed and got in bed, pulling back the sheets for her husband.
Richie smiled and got in bed, moving very close to the woman he loved. "I missed this even more."
"I bet you have." Sarah moved a hand underneath the sheets, finding the evidence of how much he had missed them being together in a bed, naked.

She wrapped her hand around him and gently started stroking his length.

"Missed that?" She asked as she leaned in to kiss his lips.
"Mmmmhmmm." Was all he could answer as he kissed her back.

A few strokes from Sarah's hand around him, had him wanting more. After a week of nothing, he was very close to the edge already.

Knowing her husband, Sarah pulled her hand away. "Ready?" She asked eagerly. She felt exactly the same as he did, she didn't want to wait any longer than she had to.

As an answer, Richie moved over her, making Sarah lay down as he moved on top of her. "Very ready." He reached down to kiss her lips and he gently moved inside her. He started thrusting slowly but couldn't keep the pace, he missed this feeling and he wanted it now, not in a few minutes.

Sarah moaned loudly as he moved faster, encouraging him even more. He loved the sounds Sarah would make during their love making, it was such a turn on to hear how much she enjoyed their intimate union.

Changing to faster thrusting movement, he didn't hold himself back any longer.

Enjoying every friction he was creating inside her body, Sarah wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling him go inside even deeper. Pulling him even closer, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and held him very close, holding on to him with her hands and fingers.

She moaned loudly, digging her finger nails into Richie's skin, as she released with an exquisite orgasm.

The sound of Sarah's moan and the feel of her nails digging into his skin, couldn't hold Richie back, he groaned his release only a second later.

Engulfed in the wonderful feelings, there was nothing he could do.

It took almost a minute for both of them to come back down to earth.

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