Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chapter 9

After Sarah had gone home for the evening, Richie was alone to watch over Daniel again. Of course he wasn't entirely alone. The nurses and doctors were always closeby.

He watched his preciuos son watch his stuffed sheep. It seemed to always catch Daniel's attention. The boy was always watching the stuffed white sheep.

Watching Daniel like that made Richie remembed something. He took his phone from his jeans' pocket and searched for one of the songs he knew Daniel liked best.

Once he had the song ready, he moved over to Daniel's crib. With a few clicks, he lowered the side of the bed and pulled the chair close so he could be as close as he could to Daniel.

He leaned forward but Daniel's eyes were stuck on his sheep.

"Danny?" He asked gently but no reaction. "Daniel?" He tried again.

After the fifth "Danny." Daniel finally glanced at him.

"Hey buddy." Richie smiled gently at him but when he didn't continue, Daniel's eyes turned back to the sheep he was staring at. "Alright then." Richie decided and went back to his original plan.

Pressing play on his phone, he turned up the volume a little bit and gently laid it down on the side of the mattress of Daniel's crib.

As soon as the music started, Daniel's eyes flashed to the phone. His expression changed right away but Richie didn't know what to call that expression. Daniel looked relaxed, happy and amused all at the same time but there wasn't the feigntest of a smile to be spotted on his face.

But he knew Daniel was enjoying the music.

He smiled at his little boy. "I don't know why the doctor thinks you can't hear us. You hear the music." He said gently, knowing Daniel wouldn't answer him but who else was he supposed to talk to right now?

"I love you music."

Richie looked up to the doorway, not turning off the music. Nurse Megane walked into the room.

"My music?" Richie asked confused.
"Yeah," Nurse Megane answered as she went to check Daniel's chart, "that's you singing."
"Oh yeah." Richie realized. Of course it was his singing, he knew that but he hadn't expected the nurse to recognize him.
"You're a great musician, I love your solo stuff."
"You do?" Confused that she knew his music, he didn't know what to say.

Nurse Megane smiled and continued checking on Daniel.

"How is he?" Richie asked over the music.
"He seems fine right now. How are you and Sarah doing?" She asked in return.
Richie frowned. "Us? We're fine."
She nodded. "It's very stressful to have a child that's sick, especially when he's this little." She looked up at Richie. "See, I told you, you and Sarah were meant for each other and look at this little miracle you created. I knew you'd end up together."
"Oh." He was absolutely stunned.
"You really don't remember me?" Nurse Megane asked.
"I do but we didn't know each other that well... and, you know... you..."
She nodded gently again. "Yes, I know. I'm still sorry about that. I was very crazy back then."
"Not anymore?" Richie asked intrueged.
"No. After rehab, I decided to take a break from school and well, I'm still on that break, working as a nurse now. I also met the most amazing guy."
With that Richie smiled, actually happy for her despite of what had happened years ago. "Really?"
She showed him her hand, a beautiful ring around her ring finger. "Yeah, I'm engaged now."
"Amazing." He said honestly.
"I have to get going, I have more patients to check on."
"Thanks for checking on Daniel." He turned back to watch his son enjoy the music he was listening too.

Before she left, Nurse Megane added, "Don't worry too much, he's getting better already."


  1. Still worried about the baby and his hearing. But if he hears the music and eventually will acknowledge a voice (took a bunch of tries) Then maybe he is just concentrating on what he sees and tunes everything out???? Not sure but hoping...

  2. I wonder why Daniel just gives attention to the music but not when someone talks to him...
    Need to read more, waiting for the next chapter! :)