Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chapter 8

Richie sighed as he got out of the car. He had spent the night at home, alone with three teenagers. He missed Sarah in his bed close to him. It was becoming frustrating that one of them always had to stay at the hospial with Daniel. He wouldn't want his son to have to spend the night there alone but he also missed his wife.

On his way back to Daniel's room, he spotted the three Nemo clown fish painted on the walls of Daniel's ward. The hospital had become familiar to all of them.

When he walked into the room that had Daniel's name on the door, a nurse was checking on Daniel. Quietly he went to sit down in one of chairs by Daniel's bed and watched the nurse do her work. As he watched, he could shake the idea that he knew her from somewhere. She looked so familiar.

After the nurse left, he turned to his wife. "Everything okay?"
She smiled softly and nodded. "Yeah, he was coughing again."
Richie reached over and carefully stroked his son's back. "You gotta stop doing that buddy. Enough coughing already."
"It's less than last week." Sarah reminded him.
"True." He agreed. "Which nurse was that? That wasn't Jenny."
"No, it's Megane. She usually has the later shift but I guess they switched this week."
"She looks so familiar. Does she look familiar to you?" He asked confused.
Sarah frowned.
"No?" He really didn't know anymore, she just looked very familiar, like he met her before.
"She does and she should be glad I haven't asked for another nurse yet."
Befuddled, he copied Sarah's expression and frowned too. "Why?"
"You really don't remember her?" Sarah asked, getting agitated about it.
Even more confused, he frowned deeped. "No?"
Sarah scowled. "Try thinking of her on your lap and all over you."
Feeling like he was being accused of something, he put up his defences. "What?! I've never done anything like that since we've been together."
Sarah glared back at him. "Rehab and imagine her with pink hair."

The pieces started to fit together in his mind. A pink haired girl on his lap, trying to seduce him. He also remembered how he had pushed her away when Sarah walked in.

"Remember now?" Sarah asked, her voice on the edge of frustration as she saw Richie's face clear up with the memory.
"Yeah. I remember." He didn't know what to say about it. "Is it a good idea to have her as a nurse for Daniel?"
Sarah shrugged. "I don't know. I guess she's been professional about it and she's very nice to Daniel."
"Yeah but maybe she's just keeping up an act."
"I don't know." Sarah admitted.

Nurse Megane seemed nice but the last time they had met, she seemed nice too. She wasn't sure if she could trust this person enough.

"I'm at least going to talk to the head nurse or someone." Richie said firmly, not wanting to risk anything for his family. They didn't need the press to find out about this. He wasn't going to accuse nurse Megane but at least mention what had happened before to her boss to prevent a repetition of it.
"Yeah, maybe." Sarah almost agreed. "She's very good with Daniel though."
"I know. I've been wondering the whole week if I knew her but she is really nice. Are you sure it's her?" She just seemed so different now.
"I am sure. I remember the woman that tried to seduce my boyfriend."
Richie grinned at her. "Your boyfriend?"
"Well, you were back then."
"Was I? We weren't that exclusive yet."
Sarah glared at him again. "We spent two nights together, I considered you my boyfriend."
Richie waggled his eyebrows in a playful tease. "You're right. I had the same thing on my mind then too."

He wanted to reach in to kiss her, but another coughing spell from Daniel made them both jump up to be at his bedside.

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  1. I hope Daniel gets better soon. Richie and Sara are a strong couple. I don't think I would be as strong if it were my child in the hospital at such a young age.