Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chapter 29

"Ready for a week without internet, cell phone reception and no tv?" Richie asked once everybody was in the car, ready to go.

Nobody really answered him but he didn't care, they were going to the lake for a week and it was going to be great as it always was. It being Daniel's first time at the lake, made it even more fun. So many "first times" that they could enjoy with him.

"I hope it's safe." Sarah sighed. After all they were spending the entire week on a boat on a lake. Of course it should be child proof but it still made her worry for Daniel. He wasn't quite crawling or even walking yet but that didn't make a difference in it.
"It's safe for children. Gates everywhere, he'll be fine."

It would only take 9 hours to drive to the lake but why drive if you can half that time by flying. It had been an easy choice and plane tickets were ordered.

A few hours later Richie and Caleb were busy carrying bags onto the boat as Ava and her friend went exploring and pick out a bedroom. Noah had found a comfy seat on one of the couches and continued reading the book he had started on the plane.

Sarah carried Daniel around, following Ava exploring the entire house boat. Again she was surprised by how large a house boat could be. Last year there had been two people less on their trip but the boat seemed much bigger than just two extra people.

At the back of the boat she found the master bedroom and was glad to see a travel cot folded up in the corner. If there was a bedroom close enough to theirs, Daniel could have his own, otherwise they'd have to share for a week. She wasn't too sure if Richie would like that. Sharing meant no sex.

She sat down on the bed, feeling how soft but still supportive it was. She laid down Daniel and looked up when the door opened up.

Richie hauled two large travel bags into the room and moved them to the wall.

Smiling at Sarah he plumped down on the bed. "Way too many bags."
Sarah looked over to the bags. "Did you manage to get mine and Daniel's on board too?" She teased.
Richie turned his head and gave Sarah a look.
"I'm kidding sweetheart." She said. "Did you see Daniel's sharing a room with us?"
"What? Why?" He sat up to look for a baby bed.
"It's foldable. Isn't that easy, we can fold it up and put it away during the day." Sarah continued teasing her husband with it.
"There's gotta be a bedroom around here." Richie said, he got up from the bed and walked out the door.

The first door on the left in the hallway revealed their bathroom, a full bathroom with bath and shower. He liked the idea of that a lot. The next door he found a small closet, definitely not big enough for all his stuff. Almost losing hope, he opened the third door.

"Found a room!" He called back to Sarah.

The bedroom only had one bed but had space enough to put up the travel bed for Daniel.

He walked back to the bedroom, meeting Sarah half way, at which point he turned around to show her the room that would serve as Daniel's bedroom.

"Isn't that great?" He asked. "It's close to us so he'll be fine and we can practice on making a sibling for him.
"Practice? We need to do that for real, not practice."
"We'll do for real." Richie confirmed, he'd make sure they would. If it were up to him, Sarah would leave this boat pregnant.

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  1. The lake vaca is going to be good for them with no outside interruptions of cell or internet or phone. I hope they relax and work on their next baby...