Sunday, July 27, 2014

Chapter 28

"Ready for graduation?" Richie asked Sarah the morning Caleb was graduating high school.
"I don't think I'll ever be ready for that." Sarah answered.

They were in the dressing room, picking out formal clothes to wear to the event.

"How about the pride you feel right now?" Richie asked.
Sarah looked back at him over her shoulder, smiling. "So immensely proud of him."
"Thought so." Richie smiled back.

They picked out their formal summer wear and dressed together.

Sarah picked out one of her summerdresses as Richie decided on a nice pair of pants with a matching shirt.

"Ready to go?" Richie asked.
"Almost." Sarah said.

Leaving Sarah to continue getting ready on her own, he walked out of the room and went across the hall to check on Daniel. He still needed to be dressed too.

Specially for the occasion they had bought Daniel a new outfit, a tshirt with a tuxedo print on it and a nice pair of black pants that would be useful for just about any day.

Gently he got Daniel out of his bed and cuddled him close as he brought him over to the changing table where he laid Daniel down again.

As always, Daniel started looking around at all the pictures on the wall behind him, even if that meant he'd had to squirm into difficult postions which made it even harder for Richie to change his diaper and get him dressed.

When he finally succeeded in the task, he picked Daniel up and turned him around so he could see the pictures. He pointed them out.

"There's mommy." He said, pointing to a picture of Sarah.

Each family member had a place on the wall in Daniel's room.

Daniel reached forward out of his own and grabbed for one of the photos. Quickly Richie stopped him and looked at the photograph.

"Yeah, that's daddy and your grandpa Adam. He would have loved you."

His eyes wandered to the picture frame between the two photos of Daniel's grandfathers with his parents. It was a perfect way to show Daniel his grandfather and a perfect way for Richie and Sarah to remember their dads. The poem was still true for him.

"Come on buddy, we better go watch your big brother graduate highschool." He picked Daniel up and walked out of the bedroom, ready to take on one of those daddy tasks of letting a child go their own way.


  1. love it and the poem made me tear up.

  2. Loved the poem, great chapter. Keep posting! :)