Sunday, August 10, 2014

Chapter 30

The hot sun was shining down on them. Richie had navigated the boat to the middle of the lake where they were now floating on the gentle waves, enjoying the movements of the water and the heat of the sun.

"This is what we needed."

He looked over at Sarah, she was right. Finally they could relax, the last few months were filled with stress. Now all they had to do was relax.

"Definitely, although I hope they don't wake Daniel up."

He gestured towards the back of the boat where a slide was attached and ended up in the water. The teenagers were very loving it, not minding if made them seem like little children. They were having fun and that was all that mattered to them.

"You know, we could sneak away." Richie suggested. "Nobody would notice us."
Sarah looked up at his suggestion. "Right now?"
"Yeah, they don't need us. We can go do something else, practice babymaking."

She considered it, he was right, nobody would notice them and to get pregnant, they really needed to try every shot they got to succeed.

She got up from her lounge chair and grabbed Richie's hand. "Come on then, we better hurry."

A few minutes later they were in the bedroom, kissing while clothes were dropping everywhere.

Once all her clother were off, Richie pulled Sarah onto the bed, making sure she was comfortable enough as he got on top of her. He kissed her deeply and lowered himself on his elbows to stay close to her. For him it was easy to get excited and release but even if it was a quicky, he still wanted Sarah to enjoy every bit of it too.

Gently he moved into her warm walls as he kissed her soft lips, but as soon as he was inside her warmth where he loved to be, his gentleness changed to urgency as he thrusts became fast and irregular.

Sarah tried to keep up with his movements, enjoying all the frictions he was creating for her.

His release came as a surprise to her but it trigerred her own.

As Richie stopped moving, he layed down on top of her, giving her one last kiss before cuddling close to her.

Sarah cuddled her husband back, loving him in the moment he was close to her. "I love you." She said, reaching over to kiss him again.
"I love you too." He cuddled closer, happy to be where he was.

So far he had loved every moment he had been home with his family, each moment had been worth it. The tour was far behind him.

They close in bed, touching each other gently as they cuddled. Gentle kisses and touches were shared until the baby monitor alerted them of Daniel.

"Can always count on him." Richie sighed. He didn't want to let go of Sarah but they couldn't let Daniel cry on his own either.
"Don't worry." Sarah comforted him. "I'll get him and we can go back to enjoying family time."
"Sounds good, we can sit in the hot tub."
Quickly Sarah turned to look at him. "We can't. Hot tubs aren't exactly good when you're trying to have children."
"It's bad for sperm, too hot."
He looked down at himself. "My poor sperm."
Sarah chuckled. "Don't think Daniel would like it anyway, he's got his kiddie pool."
"We'll share that." Richie agreed, finally letting Sarah go to get their son.

Out on the deck, it was still hot but even though the hot tub was off the list now, Daniel's kiddie pool was indeed refreshing. Although Richie was considering to try the slide in a little while. He couldn't wait until Daniel was old enough to enjoy it too. Right now he was having hard enough a time to stay sitting up in the water as he played.

Sarah watched him, knowing what he was thinking right now. She chuckled. "Go try the slide already honey." She urged him, knowing he wanted to do it.
Richie looked up at her. "Really?"
"Yeah, go, quick."

Richie got up and looked down at Daniel, sure he was fine with just Sarah paying attention to him.

Sarah watched as the kids moved away and let Richie have his try on the slide. She thought it was cute as he got on it and pushed off. Seconds later he was in the water. When he came back up, he had the biggest smile on his face. Childish, but she didn't care, as long as he was happy.

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