Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chapter 4

They stayed with Daniel the entire day.

Around noon Richie had gone to get lunch for them from the cafeteria. Walking around the hospital, it was obvious the decorations tried their best to cheer up children and distract them from being sick. He walked pas an entire wall painted like an aquarium, or a sea. Maybe an ocean? He spotted Nemo in four different places.

"I think I'll go home for a little bit." Richie said around 2 o' clock in the afternoon.
Sarah looked up at him, worried. "Why?"
"To see how our other kids are. Maybe they want to come visit Daniel." He explained.
"Oh." Sarah said, as if she just remembered they had more children.
"And I can get us some clothes so we can stay the night."
Sarah nodded, relieved her husband had thought of it, because she hadn't. All she could think about was Daniel. "Okay, but don't be gone too long."
"Daniel's alright here." Richie tried to assure her.
She nodded again. "Yes, but I need you too."

Richie stood up from his own chair and walked over to his wife. He gently wrapped his arms around her.

After a few minutes he let her go. "Don't worry too much. Like Dr. Daniel said."
Sarah sighed. "I can't. I'm worried. How aren't you worried?"
Richie frowned and sat down next to her. "I am worried about Daniel, but I think he needs the positive vibes. He will get better. I'm also worried about you."
"About me?"
Nodding gently, he answered. "You hardly slept last night, you hardly ate. Of course we're worried but be positive, okay?"
"What about the other thing Dr. Daniel said? That he doesn't react to his name?"
"We're not worrying about that now." Richie reminded his wife.
"What if he can't hear?"
"Honey, if the doctor was really worried about that, he'd be doing tests right now." He tried to assure her.

A second later, he stood up and held his hand out for Sarah. "Come on, let's sit on the couch." He helped her up when Sarah took his hand and together they walked to the couch where they sat together. Sarah cuddled into his side, her legs pulled up on the couch. Richie had his arm around her, stroking her back as they listened to their son breathing.

The exact minute school was out, Richie received a text.

He swyped his phone screen and the message popped up.

How's Daniel doing??

He knew his daughter was sweet and caring, that's exactly why he wanted to go home and pick them all up to visit their baby brother. In a text, he told Ava that.

The hospital was only a 15 minute drive and he was back with his son in less than an hour.

All three teenagers stood around Daniel's crib, all with worried faces.

As he sat back down next to his wife to comfort her, he tried to use the exact words the doctor had to describe whooping cough and how Daniel was doing.

A knock at the door destracted him from his explanation, making him look up. Daniel's nurse, Nurse Jenny, holding a teddy bear. He frowned til she spoke.

"This just got delivered for Daniel. I signed off for it, somebody named David Bryan sent it. There's a card." She held the envelope out to Richie along with the bear.
Richie smiled. "Thank you." He sat down with Sarah to show her while the nurse check on Daniel.
"That's cute." Sarah said. "Put it with him, we didn't bring any of his stuffed animals."
Richie handed her the envelope for her to open and went to put a dressed up Winnie The Pooh bear in Daniel's crib.
Nurse Jenny made sure it was safe for Daniel.

Before leaving she said, "My shift is over. I think nurse Megane will be looking after your son until 10 tonight."

The card Sarah was holding had well wishes from David and the rest of the band.


  1. I so hope he recovers from whooping cough that is so nasty! How sweet the teddy from David n the guys, great chapter x

  2. The teddy bear is adorable. David is a sweetheart for thinking of sending Winnie the Pooh to help cheer Daniel up.