Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chapter 2

A dial tone was what he heard, nervousness and worriedness was what he felt.
"Richie? Where are you?"
Just as he expected, Jon sounded angry.
"We already did sound check and you're not even here. Are you on your way? Where are you?" His questions came so fast, there was no pause between them.
"The hospital." He was finally able to put in a word between Jon's questions.
"What? The hospital? Why?" His angry voice made way for worriedness.
"Daniel was admitted this morning. They did some test but don't have results yet." Richie explained, trying to think through the fogginess in his head that was caused by how scared he was for his son.
"He had a cold. He's in the hospital for a cold?!"
He tried to stay calm despite Jon's stupid question. "It's not a cold. The doctor is pretty sure it's whooping cough."
"What's that?" Jon asked confused but didn't wait for an explanation. "So you won't make it for tonight, what about tomorrow?"
Richie almost growled in annoyance. His son was seriously ill. "No I won't make it for tonight and most likely not tomorrow either or the week after!"
"What the fuck man? What's your deal?"
"Learn some sympathy! My six month old son stopped breathing twice today and you ask when I'll be there? When my son's life isn't in danger anymore!" It came out a lot angrier than he had meant to but the stress and tension that had built up all day needed to be relieved somehow and he wasn't sorry about it. He should have ended it decently with hanging up.
"He stopped breathing?" Jon sounded worried again.
"Yes. Twice, they gave him one of those masks with airflow, you know, but that doesn't stop the coughing." Richie explained. "I should get back to Sarah." He thought out loud.
"Okay." He didn't know what to say.
"I'll probably call David later or tomorrow." Richie informed him.
"Why David?"
"'Cause he's godfather and might want to know what's happening to his godson right now."
"Maybe I want to know too?"
"Sympathy? That fast? I'll let you know how long it will take for him to get better so you'll know when I'll be there."
Jon sighed. "Fine, be that way."

Annoyed, Richie hung. Playing concerts was the least of his worries right now. His son being so sick and trying to get him better was much more important.

After a few deep breaths, he walked back into the children's hospital. It was cute how they decorated the hospital but the fact that Daniel's crib was painted red and yellow, didn't make him feel any better.

He easily found the room, on the door was a Winnie The Pooh picture, Daniel's name underneath it. His own room, it made him worry about how long he'd be here.

He knocked before entering. Sarah was sitting exactly where he had left her.

"Did you call everyone?"
Richie nodded. "Phoned the doctor, everyone had shots so should be immune. We can stay with him without getting it."
Sarah nodded too. "Work?"
He shrugged. "Not so great but Danny is much more important than that. You look tired." He walked over and wrapped his arms around her
The hospital room was just like the rest of the hospital. The same boring white walls but large decals on the walls with popular cartoon figures.

Daniel's baby room was decorated with pictures of Winnie the Pooh.

Somehow his parents thought he might not notice so much that he wasn't home because his own bedroom had some decorations of the bear and his friends too. They also knew Daniel wouldn't be fooled by that.
For now all they could do was wait for the test results.

Richie finally pulled out of the hug with his wife.

"We got a bed here, Daniel's sleeping, you should rest too. You need it."
"But Daniel-"
"Will be right next to you. Come on." He took her hand and walked the few steps to the bed.

Because Daniel was a child, they were allowed to stay with him at all times but Sarah hadn't slept all night either, she needed to rest. Especially while Daniel was sleeping. He needed them when he was awake.

Along with Sarah he got in bed. They faced each other as they laid down.

Noticing how worried his beautiful wife looked, he said, "He'll be alright."

As he said the words, tears appeared in Sarah's green eyes. The eyes he loved to see sprakling with happiness. He pulled her close and hugged her once again as Sarah started crying. "A little while and we'll know the test results."


  1. Jon needs to stop being an ass an realize that Danny comes before any tour, fans will understand that!

  2. know its just a story but I can't see Jon or any one else in this band ever treating one of their band mates like this in real life if it involved a family member being sick. kind of harsh even for a story!