Monday, September 1, 2014

Chapter 32

Only a week after their vacation at the lake had ended, the family was getting ready to say goodbye. Caleb had decided on going to school before classes started to have time to settle in and look for a job all before school started. Besides that the school also offered a few classes just before real classes started and he was ready to grab those chances.

Sarah had spend most of the week with Caleb, driving around and buying everything he would need at university.

Richie was sad to see his oldest son go, they wouldn't spend every Saturday studying guitar and music anymore. Caleb was finally getting the education he wanted, although he had learned a lot from Richie, school would teach him different things.

The four of them had driven down to the school to help Caleb with getting settled in the dormitory.

For both parents it was hard to say goodbye but Caleb was eager to start a new page in his life, which both of his parents understood. They wished him good luck, another goodbye and were ready to go home again with their youngest son, letting go of the oldest.

Arriving home, it was quiet as it always was when they got home. Sarah took that opportunity to study for her upcoming exam while Richie took care of Daniel.

The small boy had been awake the entire drive home and must be exhausted by now. Richie carried him upstairs and to their bed. There wasn't anything better than having a peaceful nap with his small son.

Taking his jeans off to be more comfortable in bed, Daniel wouldn't car, he got in bed with Daniel next to him. He only pulled the sheets up to his waist, not wanting them too high for Daniel.

As he looked down at his son, he considered how much had changed in the last few months and how much would hopefully change in the coming months. Daniel was already approaching his first birthday, hopefully they would be expecting a sibling for him by then.

One of these times, it just had to work, it was bound to happen but being patient wasn't an easy thing when so many things were involved that were working against them. Their ages definitely didn't help it at all but they had gotten Daniel and they knew there had to be a chance for a next baby.

After their nap, they went back downstairs where Sarah was still studying.

"How's it going?" Richie asked as he sat down on the couch, letting Daniel sit next to him, still proud of him to learn how to sit.
"Good, actually, really good." Sarah answered. "Went through the entire text book, took notes of what I need to know. I'm ready for next week."
"You make me so proud." Richie said.

Sarah smiled over at him, glad to hear it because it wasn't always as easily to be studying instead of being a mother.

"So you won't mind if I take another course?" Sarah asked.
"Of course not." Richie answered, he knew it was unlikely Sarah was going to use her diplomas and find a job but if she wanted to study and learn, he couldn't stop her.

He knew she wanted to be a stay at home mom as she had done for her older children and he was glad he could give it to her so easily.

He couldn't blame her for wanting to do so, right now he was more than fine with being a stay at home dad. Work and tours were far from his mind.

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