Monday, May 12, 2014

Chapter 24

As he slept in the next morning, unconsciously he felt someone was watching him sleep.

Slowly he woke up, turning to his side as he opened his eyes to see Sarah staring at him.

"Morning." Sarah smiled up at him.
He moaned before answering. "Morning. What time is it?"
"Quite early." Sarah answered, moving closer to cuddle into him, her head resting on his chest.
Richie bent to kiss the top of her head, her hair smelled nice. "Then why are we up?"
"I realized we forgot something and I've been wanting to tell you since I remembered."
He frowned a little as Sarah met his eyes. "What did we forget?"
"Last week, was two years since we met."
"Oh." He remembered now, she was right. It had been two years already. "Slipped my mind, I didn't mean to."
Sarah smiled and kissed him. "I know, I forgot too. We've had a lot on our minds."
"So should we still celebrate this?" Richie wondered.
"Of course. I already had an idea how to celebrate."

He felt Sarah's hand move under the sheets. The warmness of her skin touched his thigh as he felt her slowly moving her hand up. It seemed like a good way to celebrate to him.

With only the slightest touch Sarah had made to his skin, he felt his dick reacting right away.

He gasped when her hand wrapped around him.

"Definitely not something you would have done two years ago." Richie said, enjoying the stroking feeling of Sarah's soft hand over him.
"No." Sarah agreed. A lot had changed in those two years. "Thanks."
Richie frowned. "For what?"
"Everything. Without you I probably wouldn't even have finished rehab successfully."
"We help each other." Richie said sweetly.

Taking his own words into action, Richie moved underneath Sarah's hand, leaning over so he was able to make Sarah lay down.

They shared a passionate kiss making them wanting to be even closer together, as Richie carefully moved on top of her.

Sarah’s head fell back into the pillows when he nuzzled her neck, giving him a better reach. His soft kisses trailed over her neck to her chest to settle on her breast. Sarah gasped when his warm breath covered her nipple and started sucking, making it hard. He licked away the wetness and gave her other breast the same treatment then made his way down.

He kissed the dark triangle of hair before finding the treasure of his trail.

She felt a soft kiss on her clit, barely noticeable. “Richie!” Sarah exclaimed excited.

She moaned when he sucked. His tongue parted her lips and pushed between them, inside her. “You taste so good.” He mumbled, hardly understandable.

Sarah reached her hands into his hair, pushing him closer to her. He pulled his tongue back and back up to her clit.

He felt she was getting close and moved his head away even though she was holding him.

Sarah moaned when he moved away. “Why?” She was so close now.
“Be patient.” He simply said and kissed her softly.

She knew Richie would want some kind of release too, she could feel him hard and ready against her thigh but he continued to kiss her softly en gentle, making it passionate.

He nudged her legs apart with his knee, settling in between her without ending their kisses.

“Richie.” She almost begged for him now.
His hands moved under her shoulders, pushing her up a little as he finally slid inside her.
“Ooooh.” Sarah moaned at the feeling of him filling her.

He rocked softly against her, taking it slow, he didn't speed up and kept his soft and gentle thrusts.

Sarah wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling him even closer than he already was; she kissed his shoulders and neck.

Richie felt her tighten around his dick already, she was getting close but so was he. His mind told him to speed up to get his release but he wanted the closeness, the feeling of Sarah’s soft lips on his shoulders and neck as her fingers slid up and down his sides.

“Rich I’m gonna…” Sarah moaned, he had already brought her close to an orgasm earlier, this wouldn't take much longer.
“Go.” He whispered, taking capture of her lips again.

Sarah’s orgasm washed over her, clenching around his dick, it set off Richie’s own orgasm. “Oh God.” They both gasped.

Carefully, Richie lowered himself so he could rest on Sarah's body. He could feel her nipples against his chest and enjoyed the aftermath of sex as Sarah continued to kiss his shoulders.

"New month, new year, think the hard times are past us?" Sarah asked gently, bearing in mind the past couple of weeks that had been hard for them.

Richie smiled at what she said, thinking of something else.

"Seems like hard times come easy, we do a lot of hanging on these days. But the heart finds a reason, and love always seems to find a way. Even if it hurts, even if it hurts us baby."

Sarah smiled back at him, reaching in for the kiss that he was going for.

Although his lyrics were old, he was right, they would always find a way.

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