Sunday, January 17, 2016

Chapter 48

After a few minutes, he picked Daniel up and carried him back to the bedroom where Sarah was getting up.

"When did he start talking?" Richie asked. Sure that the twins their crawling had been a surprise but Daniel talking after three years of silence, Sarah wouldn't keep something that they had worried about so often from him.
Sarah looked confused at him. "He doesn't talk, Richie. That's not funny."
"He does talk. He just talked. He said 'daddy's home'."
"Really?" Sarah asked surprised, Richie nodded vigorously. "Danny? Say daddy again." She asked him, wanting to hear him talk too.
Daniel cuddled closer into Richie's chest, not wanting to say a word.

Sarah looked up at her husband, hopeful. "What was it like? What did he say? What does his voice sound like?"
Daniel grunted, wanting to be let down. Richie understood him and put him down on the floor, Danny ran from the room.
"What was it like?" Sarah asked again, they both knew where Daniel had gone to and didn't worry about him.
"Very sweet and so cute." Richie said happily, a chuckle escaping. "It was a little high pitched, boyish. I guess what a three year old boy would sound like."
"I can't believe I missed his first words."
"He'll say more words." Richie said, trying to comfort his wife. He saw the tears well up in her eyes and pulled her close against him. "He will."
"You don't know that. It took him three years to say anything, who knows how long it'll take for him to say anything else."
"I know" Richie stroked her back, knowing how she felt about the whole situation.
Sarah sighed. "You know what this means."
"We see the pediatrician and announce that our son finally talked."
Sarah nodded against his chest.
"And see the children's therapist again." He added. "It'll be okay. Even if there is something wrong, we'll know what to do. I don't want to face it either honey."

Later that evening Richie was looking through the mail, checking what he had missed while he was gone. So far it was mostly bills.
"That reminds me," Sarah said, "I got a letter from Noah's college, a therapist there has been talking to him and wanted his parents to come in for a conversation."
Richie frowned. "That's odd."
"Yeah but after the last time, I think we should go. I never want to see my son full of bruises because of bullies ever again."
"We'll go." Richie said, completely understanding Sarah's concern.

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  1. So great to see this story again!!
    Wow so many things have happened went Richie was on te road. So happy the babies are crawling. I smiled when I read it. Cheering on Adam. I know deep down he WILL talk. They both should go to college if the counselor wants them. And Im' glad he's home... Thank you for the chapter. Can't wait for more.