Sunday, January 17, 2016

Chapter 47 sort of

2 years later

Richie walked into the house, happy to finally be home again. "Sarah?" he asked as he walked into the front room, wondering which way he should go to find his wife. Getting no answer, he checked the living room first and continued on to the kitchen, then went up the stairs and to their bedroom.

That's where he found his beautiful wife asleep on top of their bed. He sat on the edge of the bed and gently touched her shoulder. "Sarah?" he asked gently.

She stirred and opened her eyes. "You're home?" She asked confused.
"Took an earlier flight home, was worth a little less sleep. Just to see you."
Sarah smiled and sat up. "Everyone is still asleep though."
"That's okay, I've got you." Richie answered as he moved over to cuddle his wife.

Just until he heard crying from the bedroom.

"Guess nap time is over." He sat as he got up from the bed.
"I can get it, you're tired from travelling."
Richie heard nothing of that. "I haven't done any parenting in three months, this is all for me." He walked out of the bedroom.

Gently pushing the door open, he turned on the light and walked over to the two cribs in the middle of the room.

"Hi my babies." He said to his twin babies as they both happily looked up at him. He picked up his son and cuddled him close before letting him sit on the floor as he got his daughter and cuddled her just as much. As he wanted to pick up his son as well to go back to Sarah, he was already crawling away. Impressed with his skill, he let him do so and followed him to the bedroom where Sarah was still in bed waiting for them.

"I see you noticed Adam started crawling."
"I see, I'm impressed. What about Abbey?"
Sarah chuckled. "You should put her down."

He let his daughter down on the floor and she crawled right over to the bed and pulled herself up on the sheets where Sarah picked her up.

Sitting down again, "They've grown so much." He smiled at them both, so happy of what they were able to do now. "What about Danny?"
"He's doing just fine." Sarah said.
Sarah nodded.
"Guess I'll see when he wakes up." He pulled Adam onto the bed and played with both of them.

He was very happy to his smallest children again, three months had been a long time to miss them. They had grown a lot in the few months, they weren't crawling yet when he left for his tour but now, they were just crawling around, happily, with no care in the world, just happy to see their dad again.

"He still makes me think of dad every time I see him." Richie said, looking at his son who carried the name of his grandfathers. Just like his sister carried the names of their grandmothers.
"I know, Abbey makes me think of mom as well."
Richie looked over her, remembering how hard Sarah's mom passing away had been on her. The whole reason they had decided the names for the twins. She seemed alright right now. He hoped she was.

"Daniel's up." Sarah said.
"What?" Richie asked, not hearing a sound.
"He's up, his breathing changed. I can hear it on the baby monitor and his sheets moved."
"Do you have it on that breathing setting again?" Richie asked, remembering when she used to do that when all of them were babier, just to be sure to hear their breathing.
"It's the only way to know he's awake without checking." She turned the monitor off for the time being.

Richie got up and walked to the room across of them, pushing the door that was always open an inch, open all the way. "Danny?" He asked carefully, making the boy turn around immediately to see his dad.
"Daddy is home." His small little voice said.
Mesmerized and amazed Richie was taken aback. He walked over to his little toddler sized bed and sat down on it, pulling his son into a hug. "Daddy's home." He said, holding him so tight.

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