Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Chapter 45

The drive to the high school was only a few minutes. Ava at the principal's office, she had always been a good girl at school, it amazed him as to what had happened and what had caused it. He just couldn't believe Ava would get into a fight.

Next to him, Noah was sitting in the car, trying to read a big book but having trouble holding it up as he was holding it to read.

"Alright there?" Richie asked as he drove to the high school, almost there.
"Yeah." Noah said and continued reading.

At school, he parked up at the teacher's parking, not caring for a visitor's parking, he didn't want Noah to walk too far anyway.

Both of them were lead into the principals office right away.

"Ah Mr. Sambora, glad you could join us too." The principal stood up to shake his hand.
"No worries, we just finished at the hospital anyway." He answered sarcastically. "What happened?" He asked as he sat down, noticing more parents in the room and more children than were his.
"Miss Sambora was caught starting a fight with these two boys here. It's very unusual of Ava to do something like this." The principal explained.
Richie nodded, "It is, I'm sure she has a good reason to start a fight then."
"I do."
"Miss Ava." The principal interrupted. "We don't believe there's ever a good reason to start a fight."
"Provocation." Richie interrupted.
"It was." Ava started again.

The principal gave him a stern look, just as she would to any of her students. The two boys' parents started protesting, agreeing with the principal, that Ava was wrong for starting a fight.

Instead of listening to everyone argue, Richie interrupted them all, "Maybe we should listen to Ava and figure out what happened?"
"She attacked my son. That's what happened." One of the mothers answered.
"I hardly believe that." Richie turned to Ava to hear her story.

Ava looked at the principal, who didn't protest this time and started off her story. "I heard them talking about beating up someone Friday night during the game, like it was an accomplishment or something. I just put to pieces together and figured out it was Noah that they had beated up. They were bragging to each other how they throw punches and kicked him while he was down."

"Are you sure of this?" The principal asked seriously.
"Yes, I told them they were lowlifes for bragging about something like that, that's when they came at me so I tried to defend myself."
The principal looked back at the two teenage boys, she didn't need any more explanations than Ava had just delivered.

Richie stood up and helped Noah up, "So I'm guessing you will take the right actions from here on? I think Noah deserves some rest and if you need something to think it over," He handed over the medical report, "two broken ribs. I'm taking Noah home a couple days to recover and it's up to Ava what she wants to do the rest of the day but I hope these two punks get expelled."
The principal nodded. "They will be expelled, this behavious is unacceptable, that is not the morals we teach at this school. If Ava wishes, she may take the day off."
One of the boy's parents spoke up. "His daughter gets a day off and my son gets expelled, where is the sense in that? Is it because he donated more money to the school during the last fundraiser, I think my son has a right to explain himself too." She looked down at her son, who shook his head.
"Be glad I won't send you the medical expenses for this." Richie said as he walked out with his children.

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  1. Go Ava! She stood up for her stepbrother. Good for her. Those parents of the two boys are lucky Richie and Sarah don't press charges for assault.