Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chapter 44

Monday mornings were usually a little more stressful, getting last bits of homework ready, making sure everyone has breakfast and lunch and then get everyone off to school. But this Monday morning, Richie wasn't bothering. Ava was at Heather's, he didn't need to worry about that. He wasn't going to wake up Noah to go to school either. He still needed to figure out what had to happen at school. Noah was still in a lot of pain, he couldn't send him to school like that.

Instead, he stayed in bed, closely snuggled to Sarah's warmth.

Sarah didn't protest and hugged him back, sharing the large bed together but only taking up a small space in it.

"I love you." She said, reaching to kiss his lips gently.
He smiled against her lips. "I love you too."
"Danny's gonna wake us up." Sarah whispered to him.
"Hmm, I know."
"Are you taking Noah to school?"
Richie nodded. "He's got a free period to start with."
"Oh, that's nice on a Monday."

He didn't want to lie, but he knew that stressing Sarah out was the last thing they needed right now. So far, he had everything under control and was handling the situation just fine. Sure Sarah had noticed Noah had been hurt but they didn't give her the exact details. Noah didn't want to tell her anyway.

After breakfast, Richie continued his sceme and got Noah into the car, ready to go. He told Sarah of a few things he needed to handle around the city before he'd be back.

The only planned to finally take Noah to the emergency room. At first, he had figured it wouldn't be so bad but after the weekend and seeing Noah in pain, he started to worry about broken ribs. He didn't know what he had to do when there were actual bones. Those bullies had to be punished.

Noah sat in his seat, trying to hold a book to read as Richie drove.

Richie looked over at him a few times, seeing how he was struggling to move his arm at all, hardly able to hold the book at all.

He sighed and shook his head gently, keeping his eyes on traffic in front of him. It hurt him to see Noah in pain.

A nurse walked into their cubicle, a doctor followed right behind her. They both looked at Richie for a second, then focused on Noah.
The doctor showed the x-ray results. "Two broken ribs."
He continued in medical talk and Richie tried to understand him but all that mattered was that there were two broken ribs. His son had two broken ribs, broken by bullies.

Both the doctor and nurse glanced at him for a second, then back to Noah.

"Is everything okay Noah?" The nurse asked gently, sounding worried.
Noah frowned at her. "Sure."
"Are you sure this happened at school?" She asked.
Richie frowned, starting to get confused at where the nurse her suggestions were going.
"You don't need to be scared." She continued.
Richie spoke up, "What are you talking about?"
"Two months ago he came in with a broken arm, now there's broken ribs. These are obvious signs of violence against him."
"Yeah." Richie agreed. "By bullies at school. That's why I want you to write a medical report on this so I can take it to the principal and make sure those bullies get expelled."

Along with the paper worked, and Noah a little patched up, Richie left the hospital. Keeping a close eye on Noah, he had gotten painkillers but the worrying for his son wasn't solved by giving him painkillers.

He helped Noah into the car and sit comfortably before he got in himself.

"Alright?" Richie asked him, making sure he made eye contact.
Noah glanced away. "Yeah."
"Okay." Richie decided. "Then we're going to school to talk to the principal. You gotta tell us who these bullies are so they can be punished for this."
Noah didn't answer.

Before Richie could say anything more or start the car, his phone started ringing.

"Sarah? Everything okay?" He asked after reading the caller ID.
"Yeah I'm fine. The school just called, Ava's in the principals office."
"What? Why?"
"I don't understand. They wouldn't tell me anything else than she got into a fight."
Richie frowned. "A fight? Ava wouldn't do that."
"I know. Do you have the time to go?"
"I'm on my way."

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  1. Lots of kid issues on Richie's plate today.