Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chapter 41

The family weekend went exactly as planned. Saturday afternoon at the beach and Sunday at Disney land, a little less fun for Daniel but all the more for Ava and Richie always wanted to make his daughter happy. No matter how often she wanted to go to Disney Land.

The days after the weekend were a little more stressful, Sarah had a doctor appointment at the end of the week. Once again, pregnancy wasn't going too easily on her.

"Okay, teens at school, Daniel dressed and ready. Got his diaper bag. Ready to go?" Richie asked, holding Daniel as the diaper bag was slung over his shoulder.
Sarah smiled. "You look so much like a daddy."
"That's good."
"It's very sexy."
"Even better. So ready to go?"
Sarah sighed.
"What's wrong?"
She shrugged. "Just more spotting this morning."
"That's why we're going."

He had to remind himself not to worry too, try to be strong for Sarah. It was spotting, it was common. He shook his head to clear it and walked out to the garage to get Daniel in the car. He knew it wasn't nothing but he couldn't let on. No point in worrying about something they'd find out in a few minutes.

"I love you." He reminded her when they sat in the car, ready to go.
Sarah smiled and nodded, she knew he knew what she meant by that.
Richie smiled and started the car. He reached over and squeezed Sarah's hand to give her some reassurance.

After two hours they were back on their way home.

Stopping at a red light, Richie sighed. "Guess that means you can't come to Ava's game tonight."
"Yes, I can" Sarah said quickly.
"Doctor said rest and keept it easy for two weeks, going to a game isn't keeping it easy."
"I'm not missing Ava's game. It's her senior year, we're gonna go to as many games as we can before she isn't a high school cheerleader anymore." Her voice strict, Sarah knew exactly what she wanted to do and why they had to do this. Ava was growing up and she knew Richie would miss her immensely if she moved out of the house to go to college, now he had the time to spend every minute with her and he had to.
"Okay but you'll have to rest before we go this afternoon."
Sarah smiled. "I will. Remember? Nothing to worry about."
Richie sighed. Maybe Sarah was right, maybe the doctor was more right.

Once again Sarah was losing weight instead of gaining it due to morning sickness but the spotting and high blood pressure were worrying him too much. He needed to make sure Sarah got all the rest she needed, her blood pressure had to return to normal. At least that was something he might be able to control and help her with.

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