Monday, January 12, 2015

Chapter 40

Saturday morning, Richie woke up alone in bed. It was quiet around him except for the soft piano music he could hear coming from downstairs.

It sounded beautiful and made him wonder who was playing the tune.

Instead of getting up to find his family, he decided to stay in bed and enjoy the gentle sound he could hear. Since Daniel being sick, he hadn't been focused on music anymore but this sounded too beautiful to ignore.

Having a few minutes to himself and not thinking about the stresses of the day, was exactly what he needed after a difficult week. Sarah's doctors being worried about her, Daniel's doctors being worried about him. Sarah, he understood, but Daniel? They were clueless.

As a brief pause came between the music, he decided to get up after all and get dressed in the dressing room. As he walked downstairs, the music became more clear and louder to him, he started to recognize the song and continued down to where the piano stood.

It was a beautiful piano but even more beautiful when his talented daughted played the instrument. He listened to her play from the doorway, watching her.

The few moments before she noticed him watching her became precious to him. His mind was all too occupied with the knowledge of his daughter going to college soon. As proud as he was, he was scared to let her go.

"Dad." She smiled up at him.
"That was really beautiful." He said as he heard Daniel let out a scream.

Ava laughed and started to play again. Richie continued into the room and noticed Daniel on the other side of the piano, now happily listening again. He picked him up and sat down in the chair with him to listen.

"He does that everytime I stop playing."
Richie frowned. "Where's Sarah?"
"She wanted to make breakfast so asked if I could watch Daniel for a bit." Ava explained as she continued playing.

Holding his son close, he listened to his daughter play.

"Breakfast is ready." Sarah walked into the room. "You're up." She walked over to her husband and kissed him gently. "Did you get some sleep?" She asked.
"Of course." Richie answered.
Sarah gave him a questioning look, "Did you think I didn't notice you tossing and turning the last few nights?"
"You did?"
"Of course I did." She answered, "come on, got you breakfast."
"Thanks." Richie got up with Daniel and followed Sarah back to the kitchen to have breakfast together.

Noah was already seated, a book still in hand.

"Gonna finish that up so we can eat?" Richie asked as he put Daniel down in his high chair.

The table was already set for them, Richie sat down at the head of the table with Daniel next to him and Sarah next to Daniel to help out when needed. Ava and Noah sat opposite and the other end of the table was only missing Caleb.

"Anything you want to do this weekend?" Richie asked as he filled his plate with all the good food Sarah had made for them.
Sarah shrugged. "The beach is always nice."
"Disney." Ava suggested, as excited as ever.
"You know, that doesn't sound too bad." Richie agreed. "Tomorrow though. We can do the beach today, still warm enough for Daniel to go for a swim."
Sarah smiled and reached over for a kiss.

Breakfast happened in a normal way, Daniel was fussy about what he ate but that wasn't unusual for him, trying to figure out what he liked and disliked. It wasn't easy to figure everything out.

"Let's go play some more piano." Richie said as he got up from the breakfast table.

Sarah watched him go happily, she'd clean up then go watch her husband play music again. She loved hearing his music and the last six months it had been completely absent from the house. It made her happy to know he felt like playing music again. Music being such a big part of him, it was important for him to play. Hopefully it would take away some of the worry she knew he was having the last few months.

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