Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chapter 39

Sarah moved up against him. It was early morning and he had just woken up to Sarah stroking him just the way he liked. The best way to wake up any morning.

After a few minutes Sarah looked up at him.

"Oh you are awake."
"You woke me up." Richie smiled down at her.
"Everything okay?" She asked.
"Of course."

She moved to a sitting position, moving the bed sheets with her and continued stroking him.

The last few days she hadn't been feeling too great but this morning she wanted her husband, some very intimate time together before their busy day would start.

Richie sighed, now understanding why Sarah asked if everything was alright.

"I'm sorry." Sarah said.
"Don't be, I'm sorry."
"You can't do anything about it either."

Giving up, Sarah laid down next to him and cuddled close, pulling the sheets closer to be comfy together.

"Maybe we should see a doctor? It's not the first time this happens. Guess your body finally caught up to your age."
Richie sighed, not wanting his body to have this reaction at all.
"Nothing wrong with it." Sarah tried to reassure him. "But if it's checked out and maybe you get some stuff, we'd be able to do it more again."

Of course that caught his attention. He knew very well his wife was pregnant again. This early on, it wouldn't really make a difference for her yet.

"I gotta see my doctor today too so it's not that different. I'll go with you."
"Sure." He agreed. "Your appointment first though. Gotta see how our baby is doing. Much more important." He laid his hand on her belly and gently made circular motions.
"Having a working dick is pretty important too." Sarah pointed out before leaning up to kiss her husband.

A few hours later they were in the doctor's office, Daniel in Richie's lap as they talked to the doctor.

The doctor read Sarah's latest blood results with a little concern, making Sarah and Richie worried instantly.

At the end Sarah was told to try and eat as healthy as possible and rest whenever she could. In a few weeks they'd do another blood test.

Knowing how her pregnancy with Daniel was, they were all worried it would be exactly the same. They would have to keep a close eye on everything for the next eight months.

"How's Daniel doing lately?" The doctor asked, reaching out to the boy who quickly jerked away.
"He's doing good." Richie answered. "Healthy and he learned to sit on his own."
"How about crawling or wanting to walk?" The doctor asked.
Sarah shook her head. "Seems like he's not interested in that yet."
The doctor sounded unsure about that. "We will have to keep an eye on him."

Once in the car, Sarah sighed. "Why are the doctors always so worried about him?"
Richie shrugged. "He seems fine to me, a little slow on learning maybe but fine."
"At the hospital they were worried he couldn't hear. He was so sick, he probably never cared to pay attention. Now theyre worried he isn't walking or crawling yet? Being so sick put him back, he only just learned to roll and sit."
"He's fine." Richie agreed. "Just a bit slower."

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