Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chapter 38

Richie reached out across the bed but his hands didn't find the warmth of his beautiful wife.

"Sarah?" He mumbled, still half asleep.

When he opened his eyes, he realized his senses weren't deceiving him. Sarah wasn't in bed with him anymore.

He reached over to his side table to turn the light on and look around the room when he spotted light at the bottom of the bathroom door.

He sighed as he got up, knowing what had happened. He had hoped that this pregnancy would be nothing like their first but it started to seem like it would be exactly the same. It scared him.

Leaving the warmth of the bed, he got up and went to the bathroom. A gentle knock on the door before he pushed against the painted wood to check on his wife.

As expected, Sarah was sitting on the cold tiles beside the toilet.

Richie sighed. "I don't like how sick these pregnancies get you."
"I'm sorry." Sarah apologized even when she knew it was not her fault.

Richie filled a glass of water and brought it over along with mouth wash.

"Have you..." He left his question open, being unsure of the answer.
Sarah shook her head gently, then sipped the water her husband had gotten her.
"I'll call for an appointment in the morning." Richie offered, knowing she had to see a doctor before morning sickness got the best of her.

Carefully, he helped Sarah up again but as soon as she was standing, she turned pale and clutched on to him to not lose her balance.

His reaction was fast and he held her tight. "Are you okay?"
"Everything is spinning." Sarah said slowly, her eyes closed against the turning room around her.

He changed his hold on his wife and picked her up.

The motion was too much for Sarah, who immediately grabbed for his shoulders and neck, not feeling comfortable in that position at all.

She held her eyes closed as he carried her back to bed.

When she felt the softness of the mattress, she finally dared to open her eyes again.

"Lay down." Richie instructed, noticing how pale she looked. "Do you need a trash can?"
"No. Just dizzy." Sarah answered, trying to get comfortable in bed.

Not entirely sure of the situation, Richie got in bed anyway and moved close to his wife.

There wasn't much he could do but call a doctor. Knowing that the doctor wouldn't be able to do much either, he felt scared for his wife and unborn child. Sarah didn't need another complicated pregnancy. Especially not when he was supposed to tour again. He couldn't risk anything happen to Sarah while he was away. Seeing her in this state, this early on frightened him.

He moved closer, tenderly kissed her cheek and tried to claim all her warmth in cuddles.

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