Monday, October 13, 2014

Chapter 37

"I don't like how sick you get when you're pregnant." Richie said as he sat on the edge of the bath, reaching to rub Sarah's back as she sat in front of the toilet.
"Me neither." She sighed. "I guess we should see a doctor."
"I'll phone for an appointment." Richie suggested and took the responsibility of doing so.

He got up from his position to help Sarah to get up again. He would take her back to bed but it was about time to start their day anyway, Daniel would be up soon and Noah had to get to school too.

"Thanks." Sarah said, truly thanksful for his support, she wasn't sure if she could have gotten up on her own.

Together they walked back to the bedroom and to the dressing room where they got dressed. Afterwards Sarah went to check on Daniel but Richie stayed in the bedroom to arrange the doctor appointment.

It felt exciting for them to be pregnant again. With Daniel it had taken a few months to get there and neither of them had thought that at their age, they would be getting another child after Daniel. Hopefully this pregnancy would go smoother for Sarah.

To help Sarah feel better, Richie decided to have a quiet afternoon together. School had just started for Ava and Noah and the household was getting back into the routine, which brought some hustle and bustle but they were getting their routine down.

"Excited?" Richie asked, getting up from the couch to sit down with Daniel.
"Me?" Sarah asked back and watched Richie nod. "About?"
"Another baby, of course." He helped Daniel to sit up so he could continue practising sitting up.
"Yeah I guess, I just hope it goes easier than with Daniel."
Richie shrugged, knowing that decision wasn't theirs. "Either way, a new baby."
Sarah smiled, she knew exactly what her husband was feeling and was glad she was able to give him that feeling once again. "I know."

Richie watched his son sit, feeling proud of how far Daniel had come in ten months, he had learned to sit all by himself. Even though he wasn't interested in rolling, crawling or walking, he knew Daniel was a smart child. He loved his music and was smart enough to sort out his toys when he played with them. He had never seen a child so young line up toys in order of size.

He wondered what their next child would be like and what troubles it would bring with it. Another scare of whooping cough was definitely not what they needed. Daniel had pulled through but his parents had been terrified.

"A girl?" Sarah asked him.

A small smile appeared on Richie's face, he had finally gotten the son he had always wanted, now he wanted another little girl. With three boys, there just had to be another girl. Ava would most likely agree with him and for Sarah, it was only fair that she got her very own daughter too. Time would tell.

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