Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chapter 36

"Richie!" Sarah called out from the bedroom.

It was the first day of school, Noah and Ava had gone to school and for the first time in three months, the house was quiet.

Richie hurried as fast as he could to the bedroom to see Sarah.

"What's wrong?" He asked as he walked in, looking around the room to spot Sarah.
"I don't feel good." She said simply.

Richie walked over to her to check on her. "What's wrong?"
"I feel sick and weak."
He helped her to the bed to lay down. "Are you getting sick? Do you need to see a doctor?"
"No. I've been feeling sick the last few days?"
"Days? Why didn't I know this?" He asked worriedly.
"Because I wanted to be sure of it first?"
"Of what?"
"My period's late."

Richie's eyes lit up right away.

"Are you sure?"
"Six weeks late now."
"Maybe we should see a doctor anyway, remember how your last pregnancy went?"
"Maybe. Not now." For now she just wanted some rest.
"I'll get you something to drink and you can rest."

As Sarah rested, Richie kept Daniel busy in his bedroom.

He let Daniel stand on the changing table, letting him lean against him since Daniel had no interest in learning how to stand. He leaned back against his daddy's chest, watching whatever was pointed out to him.

Richie pointed out the photo frames on the wall. A photo of each family member.

"There's mommy and daddy." He pointed at the frame, then at the two above them. "And there's your grandma Abbey and grandpa Mort and there's grandma Joan and grandpa Adam." Then he pointed at the bottom four pictures. "And Ava, Caleb and Noah and there you are." He said as he pointed at the last photo. "I guess we get to add another frame soon huh? Ready for a brother or a sister buddy?"

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